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And did everyone hear the amazingly, stupendously, terrifically fantastic news?

Kids in the Hall are doing a NEW SHOW on the CBC!!!!

click the pic for the full story

This almost makes it less painful to miss Dave and Kevin on the cruise. Almost.

Free Carbon Offsets!

Offset your carbon for today! 136 lbs donated for free to the first 5 people who click this link!

One Day from Brighter Planet


drop me a line if you're liking the songs! Just leave a comment! ...please? :D

I'm nothing if not a follower...

Hey people who actually still read LJ! In the tradition of my role model Morgan, I'm making a calorie-free musical advent calendar! Click the link and download the song! Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't. But I've tried to put stuff on here that my friends list might not be familiar with. It was difficult, trust me. And forgive me if I'm unable to find things you don't know. They're also just songs I really like. Also, check out morganalefaye's advent calendar. She's my musical guru.

Click on the picture to be taken to the download page! It's free, I promise.

I put 4 days here, since it's technically the 4th right now. Gotta catch up!

If you hear something you like, let me know! I didn't put more than one song by an artist on here, to make it more diverse. I can tell you who it is, and try to get more of their stuff to you. And I didn't put any really obvious stuff on here, I hope. No BNL or anything. Enjoy!
All moved in finally. Well, apart from the stuff that's still in my car. Found a place extremely last minute (had 3 days to find somewhere to live) and still managed to get out of my old apartment on time. And I just got the internet working here last night, with some help from my bro over the course of about 7 dropped cell phone calls. (I'm out in the boondocks in Haslett, with practically no cell coverage, well water, and dirt roads. It's only five minutes from my old place!) But it's fine. My new roommate is a really nice guy who helped me move all my big heavy crap.

So, in summation: moved, doing well, but don't bother trying to call my cell phone ever. Haha. Texting still works, so drop me a text rather than calling.

P.S. I am still so proud and amazed at the astounding results of the election. I thought Obama would win, but I was still so terrified that he wouldn't, and the rest of the world as a whole would just write us off. Please, America, we've made some major strides forward here. Let's not mess this up. I can't wait for Obama to take office. I know there's really only so much a president can do, but even the effort to get things changed will be refreshing. This is the first time I've ever been really excited about a politician, and actually believed that they would try their best to fulfill their campaign promises. Makes me wonder, though... is it just his charisma? Mind you, a charismatic leader is still a welcome change. But for the first time in a long time, I have hope for the country. I stress again: PLEASE don't mess this up, America! Republicans against Obama: please realize that you don't hate Obama any more than the rest of us hated Bush, and you didn't see us doing anything dumb. Let's all move forward.

(author's note: I don't think there are any Republicans who read my LJ. Haha! Maybe they'll stumble across it, anyway.)

Morgan told me to

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